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In this video Stephan Roelofs, founder of AnoniemeZorg.nl, explains what we can do for employers.

A colleague who drinks, uses drugs, gambles or games looks just like any other colleague. Even if the use or behavior occurs outside regular working hours, chances are that some effects are noticeable in the workplace. The person involved is absentminded, which is an immediate risk when machines or hazardous substances are involved. And it is also undesirable that this employee is in direct contact with suppliers or customers. You cannot rely on this person as much as you would want to, due to him being absent (in his mind or also physically), not fulfilling that what is agreed or delivers work below the standard. Often the person is short tempered, doesn’t listen to reason and suffers from sudden mood swings.

All things considered it is often difficult to work with someone who suffers from substance use disorder or addiction. And chances are that the person involved is also feeling very unhappy about the situation. No one deliberately becomes addicted. For the sake of all people involved we provide support which is based on a unique approach and with a high probability of success because it is on an anonymous basis.

It is easier to speak up when you can do that on an anonymous basis and with an outsider. Especially when this outsider has experienced addiction by his own experience. As this outsider understands the complexity of the situation, does noy buy into false excuses and is the living proof that there actually is a way out. Our experience is that this has a disarming and motivating effect. Conversations is driven by the employee’s initiative and no one within the organization needs to be informed about it.

We make every effort to ensure anonymity. Only in situations which are life threatening, dangerous or criminal, we are (legally) obliged to take action. Should this be the case than we first contact the company doctor – who is bound to professional secrecy – and together we determine which appropriate next steps need to be taken.

Approximately two million Dutch people struggle with substance use disorder or addiction. This is one in every nine person in The Netherlands. And the condition doesn’t discriminate; imagine the number of people in your organization might be dealing with it! And it is naive to think that it does not apply to your organization or that it will be different for your company.

It entails substances such as alcohol, cannabis, XTC or cocaine, but it also involves gaming or gambling. When feelings of insecurity, loneliness or stress increase than the risk also increases that people will reach for certain (destructive) habits.

The risks involved for employers are significant. Examples are safety risks, reduction in productivity and (long-term) absenteeism. To illustrate: the annual costs of alcohol-related absenteeism in the Netherlands amount to €1.4 billion.

As an employer you want to avoid these problems in the workplace. Based on The Working Conditions Act in The Netherlands an employer has a duty of care in this regard. At the same time we know that it is not an easy topic to deal with. Employees will not readily acknowledge that they have a problem, especially towards his employer. The stigma around the topic is significant which increases feelings of shame. In addition, often underlying problems such as loneliness, stress or financial problems play an important role. It’s complex to handle.

  • AnoniemeZorg is an initiative of Be-Responsible; and offers a unique service in the Netherlands.
  • Be-Responsible is expert in the field of preventing and resolving alcohol and drugs related problems in the workplace.
  • All the professionals are experts by experience: they experienced and overcome addiction themselves, which makes them into valuable discussion partners.
  • Employees can make get in touch and anonymity is guaranteed for 100%. The employer is not provided with any details.
  • Free of charge for all employees – all costs are borne by the employer.
  • Other parties such as the company doctor, colleagues, managers or partners are also invited to contact us for advice.

Together we determine the implementation of Anoniemezorg.nl

When a company joins AnoniemeZorg.nl, we schedule an intake and discuss how AnoniemeZorg can best be introduced within the organization. What is the culture within a? Which means of communication are available? What are the best ways to reach employees?

We developed several communication tools with which companies are enabled to introduce AnoniemeZorg.nl in their organization. We think that it is important that the message is repeated frequently. We know that it takes effort and time to actually reach people with regard to this topic and motivate them seek help. We are not talking about a campaign which you can run for a number of weeks, it is all about patience and repetition. We are highly motivated to do the work together with employers, we think along and support wherever possible.

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AnoniemeZorg is an initiative of Be-Responsible.

Contact us at 035 220 30 20 for more information about the possibilities of anonymous support for employees in your organization.

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