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In this video Stephan Roelofs, founder of AnoniemeZorg.nl, explains what we can do for you as partner of someone who suffers from substance use disorder or addiction.

Are you worried about your partner?

  • My partner's behavior has changed and het or she suffers from mood swings.
  • My partner keeps promising that his or her behavior will change, but nothing changes.
  • My partner already tried to quit for several times, but this never sticks
  • My partner looks bad and has less attention for personal hygiene.
  • I can no longer rely on my partner and I need to take care of everything.
  • My partner tends to react very strongly when I try to talk to him or her about something.
  • I have often suggested that my partner seeks help, but so far nothing has changed. I don’t need to worry, everything will be fine, he or shes says.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We are here for you!

There is a solution

But the solution cannot be found in neglecting the problem.

We understand how difficult it is to start a conversation on this topic with your partner. You have a distinct feeling that things are not going well, but what is the right move to make?

People suffering from substance use disorder are experts at hiding their problem and convincing others, especially their partner, that everything will be fine. Shame and guilt, especially towards their own partner, play an important role in this.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, you can tell us your story and share your concerns. This alone can be a huge relief already. We will then discuss how to help your partner in the best way. And our contact is safe, discrete and anonymous for you as well.

Substance use disorder and have a major impact on the lives of partners

The emotional, physical and mental burden for a partner from someone who is suffering from substance use disorder or addiction is immense. This can easily lead to psychological and physical problems for the partner. Therefore it is important that partners also seek help and that they do that timely.

Contact us, we know the way! You don’t have to do it alone.

How can we help you?

We are people with a hands on mentality, who help other solve problems. The possible solution starts with you taking action. You don’t have to do it alone. Contact us, open up about what is on your mind and together we will discuss your options.

Everybody and every problem is unique. That is why we are specialized in customization. When you get in touch we think about the best solution for the specific situation. We have the experience, expertise and network to support you properly and quickly. We support you with what you need and what suits you and your current situation.

We can
  • Release you of the burden that is weighing on your shoulders. Sharing your concerns about your colleague with another person is already a huge relief.
  • Provide you with tools by which you can start a conversation with your colleague.
  • Help your partner, and we can do that because you take you responsibility by taking this first step.

Want to know more?

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035 220 30 20 info@anoniemezorg.nl

Do you prefer to make a call without caller ID? First press #31# followed by 035 220 30 20. 035 220 30 20 .

We are available from Monday to Saturday from 08.00 to 20.00

Have you seen this short film?

And are you curious about the stories behind Kelly, Eric and Nanja?

Het persoonlijke verhaal van Kelly
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Case stories

Karel and Marianne have been married for years. They both drank heavily, always had. But Marianne seems out of control. A party is not a party without (a lot of) alcohol. Karel has also called Marianne sick a few times. While it was actually just a hangover. It is obvious to Karel; Marianne has an alcohol problem. Maybe she’s even an addict, he thinks. But Karel also does not want Marianne to lose her job. How can he even tackle this problem? Marianne does not want to go to the GP together, and alone she tells a much too rosy story to the GP. He has googled before, but she has to register herself. She still doesn’t want that. Then Karel heard that Marianne’s employer is affiliated with AnonymousZorg.nl. He just called once. If it doesn’t help, then it doesn’t hurt. We gave Karel a helping hand and in the end we had a conversation with Marianne. We were able to convince Marianne that now is the time to get help. And also the safe, anonymous, way.

This story is based on true events, but the names and circumstance are fictitious for privacy reasons.

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