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In this video Stephan Roelofs, founder of AnoniemeZorg.nl, explains what we can do for you

Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the following?

  • Over time you started drinking, using, gambling or gaming more and more often.
  • In addition to the positive effects, you now increasingly experience the negative effects; you do not feel fit and are often tired. You suffer from mood swings and you get into problems in your relationships.
  • You no longer recognize yourself; you are not the person you once were or that you want to be.
  • You do things you would never have done and you don't understand why this is happening.
  • You have tried to moderate or quit more than once, but it never works for a longer period.
  • You find it difficult to keep pace once you've started.
  • People around you are concerned and try to talk to you about your behavior.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We are here for you!

There is a solution

However, the solution can never be found in using or playing!

We understand that substance abuse or destructive behavior is usually caused by underlying problems.

But we also know that the solution to those underlying problems can never be found in substance use or behavior. This simply does not remove the underlying issues. What is does do is that you (temporarily) numb yourself. And the next day nothing has changed at all.

We know how you feel, because we have experienced these problems ourselves. We know the solution and can help you find it.

You are not the only one

Many people in the Netherlands struggle with use disorder or addiction. Most people are ashamed and are afraid of being judged and therefore it is rarely talked about. We think that that is a shame. We know that feelings of guilt and shame are reduced when you are able to talk about what is happening to you. Talking about it to people who have experienced it themselves often is a huge relief. You’re really not the only one who is suffering.

Contact us, we know the way!

And you don’t have to do it alone.

How can we help you?

We are people with a hands on mentality, who help other solve problems. The possible solution starts with you taking action. You don’t have to do it alone. Contact us, open up about what is on your mind and together we will discuss your options.

Everybody and every problem is unique. That is why we are specialized in customization. When you get in touch we think about the solution which is best for you. We have the experience, expertise and network to support you properly and quickly. We support you with what you need and what suits you and your current situation.

We are able to
  • Provide you with insight into your own situation – are you suffering from a use disorder or problematic behavior?
  • Provide you with potential options for help – buddy-programs, coaching, out- or inpatient care.
  • Give you an overview of your rights and obligations towards your employer.
  • Listen and think along with you, even when you are not able to oversee it for yourself.

Want to know more?

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Do you prefer to make a call without caller ID? First press #31# followed by 035 220 30 20. 035 220 30 20 .

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We are available from Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 20:00.


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